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07. jun. 2018, 11:00
Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus

Registration deadline May 25th


About Us

Nordic Complement Committee (NCC) is an independent organisation that works as a subcommittee under the Scandinavian Society for Immunology.


The mission of NCC is to improve research, diagnostics and searches for therapeutic options in complement-mediated diseases. We promote both basic and clinical research on complement in the Nordic countries by regular meetings of the Board and by organising specific symposia. Our most recent symposium was organised under the title “Innate Immunity in cancer and tissue damage” in Stockholm, October 17th, 2017 (

The Chairman of the NCC is professor Seppo Meri, Helsinki, Finland. Members of the Board include professor Peter Garred (Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr Sakari Jokiranta (Helsinki, Finland), professor Diana Karpman (Lund, Sweden), professor Tom Eirik Mollnes (Bodø and Olso, Norway), professor Bo Nilsson (Uppsala, Sweden), professor Kristina Nilsson-Ekdahl (Kalmar and Uppsala, Sweden) and Dr Lillemor Skattum (Lund, Sweden).

The Secretary of NCC is Ms Liisa Penttilä (, who can be contacted in practical issues. 



Welcome to the Nordic Complement PhD course in Oslo June 7-8th.


This course is an educational class in basic complement and complement in the clinical setting. The first day will be focused on the basics of complement with a dinner in the evening. The second day will be focused on complement in the clinic.


The course is open for anyone interested, but PhD students from the Nordic Countries and Medical doctors under specialization will be given priority to join. This is due to that the participants on this course will be given study points for participating.

The course is approved as a specialization for medical doctors within the fields of General Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Immunology and Transfusion Medicine, Neurology and Pediatrics. The course will reward 1 study point to all PhD candidates who attend the classes and pass the exam.

There will be provided a syllabus in the form of research articles, and the exam will be given as a multiple choice home exam.

*The syllabus are now ready, it consist of 18 research papers provided by the lecturers. The articles can be accessed at this folder:

If you have a problem accessing the folder, contact Camilla and she will provide you with the PubMed numbers for the articles.

The hotel:

The course is to be held at Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus,

Gabels gt. 16 0272 Oslo , Norway.

The course has a set of rooms reserved for the participants, and you should mention this when you order your room.

The hotel webpage:

Dinner information:

The dinner on Thursday evening is optional, but you are encouraged to participate. We are dining in the lovely BA 53 at Frogner, close by the hotel. They have made a set menu with wine especially for us. The dinner will be 700 NOK to pay for a 3 course meal with accompanying wine and coffee.

For more information on the restaurant visit there webpage:


The course is payed for in full by Nordic Complement Committee, so your only expenses will be for the dinner and stay at the hotel.

If you have questions contact Camilla Schjalm on email:



Day 1: Thursday, June 7th

12.00-13.00: Lunch

The complement system – basic mechanisms

Chairs: Seppo Meri and Bo Nillson


13.00-13.35: Basic I:  

Tom Eirik Mollnes: Welcome, introduction and the complement system


13.35-14.05: Basic II:  

Peter Garred: The lectin pathway


14.05-14.35: Basic III:  

Per H Nilsson: The alternative pathway


14.35-15.05: Basic IV:  

Seppo Meri: Regulation


15.05-15.30: Basic mechanisms V:  

Espen Waage Skjeflo: Complement and coagulation

15.30-16.00 Coffee break


16.00-16.25: Basic mechanisms VI:  

Kristina Nilsson Ekdahl: Recognition of artificial surfaces


16.25-16.50: Basic mechanisms VII:  

Stig Nymo: Complement and endothelial cells


16.50-17.15: Basic mechanisms VIII:  

Karita Haapasalo:  Microbial resistance to complement


17.15-18.00: Keynote speaker:

Professor Daniel Ricklin, University of Basel, Switzerland.



19.00 Dinner

Day 2: Friday, June 8th

07.00-08.00: Breakfast


The complement system – clinical aspects

Chairs: Lillemor Skattum and Tom Eirik Mollnes


08.00-08.45: Main lecture on clinical diagnostics.

Lillemor Skattum: Clinical complement analyses including complement deficiency screening


08.45-09.10: Clinical I:

Diana Karpman: Complement genetic analyses and the pathogenesis of TMA/aHUS


09.10-09.35: Clinical II:

Anna Varberg Reisæter: Complement, kidney disease and transplantation


09.35-10.00: Clinical III:

Erik Waage Nielsen: C1-INH deficiency


10.00-10.20: Coffee break


10.20-10.45: Clinical IV:

Andreas Barratt-Due: Complement and sepsis


10.45-11.10: Clinical V:

A. Inkeri Lokki: Pregnancy and complement

11.10-11.35: Clinical VI:

Sigbjørn Berentsen: Complement activation and inhibition in hemolytic anemia


11.35-12.00: Clinical VII:

Bo Nilsson. From laboratory results to clinic: Case reports


12.00: Closing remarks and Lunch




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